Concrete planters for classic garden decor

Concrete garden planters are heavy!! And that's why they're great when you want to grow large plants or trees that require extra stability and strength to contain a large root system.

concrete garden plantersThey are also the best choice for exposed container garden locations, in an entranceway, driveway or curbside, when you want to discourage anyone from walking off with your prize landscape pots and plants.

If it's just the coarse, natural 'look' of concrete you're after but the weight is a drawback— you're in luck. There are many beautiful fiberglass, fiberstone or resin planters or 'faux contrete planters', that skillfully re-create the color and texture of natural concrete without the heavy weight factor. Many are so realistic, you really can't tell them from the real thing until you touch them. Faux concrete garden planters are more practical for most deck and patio locations where weight is a consideration.

Characteristics of Concrete Garden Planters


  • strong walls can contain the large root system of shrubs and trees
  • their heavy weight makes concrete planters ideal for public locations
  • concrete garden planters are available in much larger sizes than other planters
  • concrete has good insulating properties, buffering plants and soil from sudden extreme temperature changes
  • planters made from fiberglass or resin look and sometimes feel just like the real thing!


  • can be very heavy and not practical if you like to re-arrange your container garden
  • concrete is porous, so garden planters may need to be sealed
  • concrete must be thoroughly cured before use as a planter so it doesn't affect soil alkalinity

Buy Concrete Garden Planters Online:

Round Concrete Angelica Outdoor PlanterRound Fiber Reinforced Concrete Angelica Outdoor Planter
Made from durable fiber-reinforced concrete, the Angelica Planter is an easy planting solution with clean lines for a classic look. This round planter comes in your choice of sizes and colors, making it easy for you to design a unique patio or garden setting that matches your taste and decor. Simple and stately, this planter is ideal for year-round outdoor use.
Simply Planters

Round Cast Stone Estate PlanterRound Cast Stone Estate Planter
The Estate Planter fits into any casual or formal garden, and comes in enough colors to match any decor. This planter is definitely durable, and can be easily added to any garden. It's also sturdy enough for commercial use. The piece will last through rough weather thanks to the fiber-reinforced concrete construction.
Simply Planters

High Quality, Hand-finished Cast Stone & Concrete Planters
Accents in the Garden uses the highest grade Portland cements, a specialized aggregate and a plethora of strengthening additives with a top coat of invisible water repellent and protective sealant to give their line of cast stone/concrete planters and accents much more durability. Together, these materials allow the finished product to flourish in various weather climates, ranging from freezing winters to hot, arid summers.