Container potting soils are produced specifically for planters

There are many products available to improve your potting soil for your garden planters. If you have self watering planters, be sure to try the container soil designed specifically for their requirements. You'll be very pleased with the results!

Container gardens have different requirements than garden beds—extra watering washes out many nutrients and direct sunlight can overheat plant roots. Soil mixes designed especially for planters often contain additives to increase moisture absorption and retention. These mixes also often contain slow-release fertilizers to replace much-needed nutrients that are lost in the extra watering that most planters require. If you're interested in sustainability, be sure to check out the new organic potting soils.

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Self-watering Container Mix

Self-Watering Container Mix *Best Seller
The Perfect Soil Mix for Self-Watering Containers ~ Field tests prove it: This lightweight mix is better than conventional potting soil for use in self-watering planters. Its coarse, airy texture provides excellent wicking action and vigorous root growth without becoming waterlogged. Gardener's Supply

icon Organic Container Mix
A Compost-Fortified Mix Means Healthier Plants
Most soil mixes are too heavy for good root growth and contain few, if any, nutrients. This Vermont-made mix contains nutrient-rich compost for energy, and sphagnum peat moss and vermiculite for aeration and water retention. It's the perfect growing medium in containers, both standard and self-watering. Try it yourself and see why it's the choice of professional growers everywhere. Gardener's Supply

Container Booster Mix icon
Recharge Tired Potting Soil
Why throw out the soil in last year's containers? This Booster Mix replaces the nutrients plants used up, so this year's plants get a fresh start. One bag is enough to revitalize 112 qts of soil at big savings for you! This potent, all-organic formula includes a complete diet of nutrients and trace elements to keep plants lush and healthy. Gardener's Supply

Transplant Mix
When seedlings outgrow their original growing cells, re-pot them in Transplant Mix, which contains sphagnum peat, perlite and vermiculite, and has a coarser texture than Germinating Mix. Gardener's Supply

Water Crystals Protect Your Plants from Drought ~ Commercial landscapers rely on Terra-Sorb to protect plants in heat-stressed, drought-prone situations. These non-toxic crystals absorb up to 200 times their weight in water, then release it gradually as plants need it. Ideal for all types of garden planters. Gardener's Supply