Wood planters & planter boxes add natural charm

It is hard to beat the natural beauty of wood planters, whether it's on a small condo balcony or expansive patio. A well-chosen planter in long-lasting teak or durable cedar will enhance any garden decor—no matter how contemporary or sophisticated. Gone are the days of having only oak half-barrels or rough cedar boxes to chose from.

teak wood plantersTeak planters are elegant and rich-looking, and are generally long-lasting too. Redwood cedar is commonly used for contemporary gardens because of its durability and natural resistance to rotting.

Painted wood planters can be a great way to complement the exterior of your home and create a unified garden design. Avoid stains and sealers on your planters as these are usually toxic to plants.

Plastic liners can extend the life of your wooden planters and planter boxes, or use them as 'cache pots' to hold potted plants and they will last longer. Another big advantage of wooden planters is that you ca combine features like trellises and benches for an attractive and functional unit.

How to Maintain Wooden Planters

  • Treat wooden planters with non-toxic stain, paint or waterproofing agent.
  • Line inside of planters that are susceptible to rot with black plastic (with holes in bottom for drainage).
  • Reinforce joints of wood planters with extra rust-proof nails.

Characteristics of Wood Planters


  • are available in a variety of woods and colors: cedar, redwood, teak, cypress
  • provide great versatility for combining with other garden components such as seating, trellises or storage
  • redwood and cedar planters can be used without painting as they are resistant to rot
  • wood planters insulate plant roots from heat of the summer sun
  • wooden planters fall between plastic and clay in weight and porosity
  • for a longer life, line planters with plastic or set already potted plants inside


  • unpainted, unlined wooden planters will rot over time
  • pests often like to take up residence in planters made of wood, watch for carpenter ants and sow bugs

Buy Wood Planters Online

Balau Wood Planter with TrellisBalau Wood Planter with Trellis
A handsome way to dress your exterior wall in nature's finery, this trellis and planter box combo has a classic design you'll love. It's made of tropical Balau wood that is naturally dense and weather-resistant. Balau is very similar to teak but is said to be denser, strong, and more durable. It also has a warmer, deep honey hue. The grid-style trellis is the perfect backdrop for climbing vines and flowers and the planter is deep enough to happily grow any number of your favorites. You'll love the natural way it looks and this trellis is on wheels, which makes it a clever and natural screen between you and the neighbors as well. SimplyPlanters

Solid Wood Chippendale PlanterSolid Wood Chippendale Planter Box
With its classic Chippendale pattern and handsome color options, this planter would be a welcome sight on your front porch. It's crafted of durable wood that is sanded smooth and comes in your choice of size and color that is UV-rated to resist fading. Not just pretty, this planter has a slatted bottom panel for excellent drainage, includes a durable liner to keep everything clean. A charming way to add color to your porch, patio, or urban landscape. SimplyPlanters

Elevated Cedar PlantersVegTrug Patio Garden
Grow plants at an easy working height in this unique patio garden; no bending or kneeling to plant, tend and harvest. The elevated bed means no weeds and fewer pests, too. The V-shape makes efficient use of space and planting mix — grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center, shallow-rooted crops like salad greens along the edges. Includes a fitted fabric liner to keep soil contained while letting excess water drain. Gardener's Supply